Powerful: “We Woke Up Like This”

Ladies, we’re flawless! Are you ready to start your new journey into becoming a whole new, better you? Whoever you was yesterday, have NOTHING compared to who you will be today or the next day and so forth. That’s right, I am going to challenge you to better yourself each day. I am going to encourage you all to wake up feeling BE-YOU-TIFUL and powerful, why? Because we rule and we run the world! Instead of waking up every morning, wishing your hair would look a lot fuller or your body would look more like that person on Instagram, get up APPRECIATING who you are! Nobody is YOU and there can only be one YOU,why not flaunt you in every kind of way!

Here is what I want you to start doing every morning:

1.) DISCIPLINE Yourself

If you’re the type of person that likes to start off their day late in bed and constantly pressing the SNOOZE button, then make it possible to beat the odds! I understand, you’ve been working/going to school all week and finally have the weekends all to yourself…that’s good to know but discipline yourself. Try waking up every morning an hour earlier than your usual time and choose that hour to be productive. Read a chapter or two, run around the park, eat a nutritional breakfast,  study, do devotions, anything but going back to sleep. Start off by an hour and for each day, increase up to 3 hours prior to your normal time. Discipline yourself for the better. Stop skipping the gym, if you have the money to blow like Money Mayweather, then go ahead with your bad self and skip a day or 2. But deep down, your inner-voice (and bank account) is warning you to get it together and go work it out! Your body and most definitely your health will thank you in advance.

2.)  Treat yourself (The little things count)

There’s more than enough room for EVERY women to shine! Treating yourself doesn’t exactly mean going out to a spa or going out on a shopping spree (although a woman never get enough of that..wink wink!). It can also means to trying on a special lipstick or wearing the kind of dress/skirt you only wear for occasions and apply it on a daily basis. One morning you can wear your favorite heels to work feeling like the BOSS you are and the next morning you can just try something new to your hair…curl it, straighten hair..do something with it that will make you satisfied and happy. Treat yourself every morning and make everyday count for a reason. A reason to be alive, a reason to try one more time,a reason to love and a reason to smile. Treat yourself to a better YOU.


3.) Come up with a positive word that best describes you or your character and end the sentence saying, “I woke up like this”. Statistic shows that one of the most powerful healing tools we have are the daily words we use. According to www.neurotalk.psychcentral.com, “Word meanings and vibrations of their sound impart a profound and measurable effect on our health and the health of others.” Take the time to say to yourself or look in front of the mirror and just blurt the word out!

i-woke-up-like-this-ladies-black-t-shirt-tumblr-homies-beyonce-flawless_2641024” I’m unstoppable- I woke up like this”

“I’m a goal-getter, I woke up like this”

“I’m a Queen, I woke up like this”

“I’m so DOPE, I woke up like this”

“I’m one of a kind, I woke up like this”

“I’m a Shero, I woke up like this”

“I am (say your name), I woke up like this”

Use a different word for each day–say it with a smile and mean what you say! It’s up to you to decide how long you want to continue the wording challenge. It can be for a week, months, years, decade–as much longer for you to feel better about yourself! The goal is to create an image that represents confidence, beauty and knowledge. woman-looking-in-mirror-at-smile

There you have it, just three steps into becoming a whole new and better YOU! Are you up for the challenge? However, there’s only one rule: ALWAYS give yourself credit. Slow progress should not discourage you, that’s proof of improvement and comparing yourself to others is a big NO NO. Remember, we’re FLAWLESS…what don’t kill you makes you stronger! Our imperfection is perfect and every flaws you have embrace it REGARDLESS because that’s what makes you who you are! We as women are POWERFUL, take the advantage every morning to remind yourself that we woke up like this…POWERFUL!

Please join me and encourage others to take this challenge as well! Feel free to share and comment below a status update or feedback! Thanks for being just YOU!


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