Detoxing From Social Media

tgit-header-bannerHappy Sunday everyone! I am enjoying my weekend, so far I spent time with my love ones and I  caught up with my favorite T.V shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandals and How to Get Away with Murder), all thanks to Hulu. I rarely watch T.V, so you can say that I am a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes TGIT shows. What makes the perfect weekend for you? For me, I love being comfortable, in my oversize plain white t-shirt and snuggy sweat pants–staying home. That’s right, no plans out and no friends included…just me,myself and I. The best company you can have is yourself. Often times, we all need that time alone to get a bit of release and stress away from the real world. It feels good to have that moment to yourself–no distractions meaning no phone to interact with others (unless it’s an emergency) and no social medias to check on everybody whereabouts. Speaking of social media– Today, for a better YOU; I’m going to share with you all my perspective point of view about detoxing from social media.

I’m not sure if you noticed–but if you’re following me on Instagram or friends with me on Facebook, then you would know that I’m not quite active. If I don’t have a new post  or an upcoming post on the blog to inform, then 90% chance I will not be on any social media sites. Why is that? Well, for the past few months I’ve been trying to fight the battle of procrastination and I 519247721_d1realized that being on social media was one of my biggest distractions. So I came up with a the decision to detox from social media for about a week or 2 out of each months. I have two exceptions: 1.) Log in if it’s pertaining to Real Pointers/ Dashnee Designs (which I will get in depth about it on my next post) and 2.) Supporting and showing some love on other people’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Besides, that I would not submit myself to scroll through half of the day on social media. That’s a big “NO NO” to maintain or start a productive lifestyle.

Everybody wants to know what’s going on with her life, or his life or their lives. It’s common to be on social media from time to time–but is it an important factor in your life right now? Is that a necessity that you need or is it unnecessary? Social media is very much irrelevant if you don’t have a business or a brand to build. It’s also a waste of time if you choose to use it in a negative way instead of a positive or beneficial way. With that being said, give yourself a quick pop quiz and find out why are you on social media for:


1.) I have a business to run and social media is one of my advantages of keeping it successful

2.) I’m starting an online store and social media would be a perfect way to market my brand

4.) I’m part of an organization at my school/work, which I need social media to get others involved and aware of issues and important things.

3.)  I’m just bored and use social media to be nosey

4.) I like going on social media to gossip and spread dirty laundry and etc. 54db70cad1400_-_sev-girl-laptop-de

5.) I’m just bored and I need some entertainment

If your answers contains the top 3 choices above, then you have every right to be on social media. If not, then I suggest you take the time off and figure out your purpose and passion. It’s fine to be on social media (preferably for the right reasonings) but not for an excessive amount of time. Sometimes, you have to cut back and focus on other things that can benefit your potential to be great and productive–such as reading a book. There’s nothing like a good ole fashion novel to read and reading is fundamental. I’m a bookworm, so it’s very easy for me to pick out a book at Barnes and Nobles and set up a day to get my mind into reading. Young people mainly, I highly encourage you all to grab a book and start reading, educate yourself by learning new vocabularies, practice your speech and make it a consistent value to feed your brains.

keeping_up_with_the_kardashiansWhat’s hot and trending now on social media will be old news the next day. Instead of trying to keep up with the Kardashians, try keeping up on what’s going on in the world–get involved and be involved in an important matter. There is so much to explore OUTSIDE of social media. Trust me, that vacations you’ve been dying to plan will not happen if you’re always checking out celebrities pages; viewing countless pictures of them traveling to Paris for Fashion Week, riding camels in Dubai, smoking one of kind cigars in Cuba, laying out on the beach in Cancun, popping bottles in New York, riding sports car top down in California and hitting the hottest clubs in Miami. Use your time wisely by logging off and creating a vision board, think of the top 3 places that you would love to travel. Purchase magazines for ideas and include it on your vision board; be sure to go all out! Research informations online and communicate with others who have already visited the places of your desire. Take actions into planning and not envying what you see on social media. VisionBoard

A better YOU–take the challenge of detoxing from social media this week, starting Monday! Give yourself some time off away  from it and start implementing goals to accomplish on your To-Do List. What do you want to accomplish for this week? Start brainstorming and let’s get this progress to a better YOU going! The amount of time you choose to detox from social media is entirely up to you. If you feel like you need a week, take the week off; if you feel like you only need a day or 2, then by any means go for it.  Take whatever time off to explore and focus on what matters to you the most. I would love to hear your feedbacks and results afterwards–feel free to leave a comment, suggestions or concern below. Thank you for being YOU!







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