Peace on Earth: Making a Difference

From racism to terrorism, when does it all stop? Where can we as human beings draw a line and unite as one in peace? Here we are in crisis, and some people are using social media as an entertainment during this time of need. Innocent lives are being taken away and here we are — deteriorating each other instead of supporting one another. Dividing ourselves from each problem will not pertain a solution but will only increase the problem into destruction. I try not to get myself so involved in this, but I just can’t help to realize the disadvantage of it all. The distractions and negativities are fully in action– why can’t we allow awareness as well as comfort towards this cold cruel world? We are living in the days where people are immune to leading rather than being different and standing out. It’s “OK” to speak the truth but when it hurts to the core, it become more of a non-factor to even address it. Racism, police brutality, children in the middle east, and domestic terrorist are not being covered under media coverages as often, but should that be the reason for us to ignore other issues such as the Paris attack under the rug? No. If anything, it should bring us all together in peace and bring a form of humanity.

I am beyond sadden by the outrage of how some people are literally making this a “one-sided” subject. The main subject should be; How can we make a difference in this world? How can we support? How can we help? A pivotal incident occurred in the University of Missouri, where a protest was being held for racism background. I stand firm on my words, “I won’t ever apologize for being black”. I will use my voice at the best of my ability to spread the awareness of racism and support in any way that I can–I will also continue to pray for the black faculty and students at Mizzou. I am a black woman, and it is very clear to say that being black was ALWAYS an issue in today’s society. It is often said, being an African-American is a crime–anything can be held against me simply because of the color of my skin. Sad case, but it’s the truth. However, this is where most people don’t get the picture: I’m not going to be a “Black Leader Activist” or become anti-white because of that matter and I am not going to use “racism” as an excuse not to support other race, suffering through their own issues. Let me rephrase: It’s not their issues–it is OUR issue as people! Forget about what the media is covering, white or black–we as people need to be open-minded and educate ourselves as well as others on the importance of equality and being civilized. This is the time to come together as one and unite.

There are many conflicts in this world, it’s easy to target and pick out an argument.  Let us not lose ourselves in this world by being distracted and avoiding the main purpose: To bring PEACE.  Some may not agree or share this post, but I am speaking from my heart. I am sick and tired of logging into Facebook and seeing some people bashing one another, just because one thinks the other is lacking support on one side. Facebook have created a safety check and was activated towards the Paris attack–if people want to change their profile picture to support the tragedy, then let them be. What harm will it bring to join the movement? Why should someone feel obligated or afraid to do what they are pleased to do, especially if it’s in the act of kindness? Although, it may not make a difference without taking actions, it’s a sign of empathy and a relief that there are still nice people in this cruel cold world. People do have lives “away” from social media, everything doesn’t have to be broadcast or posted. Most people, like myself are humbled. We are only humans. No matter how you see it or which side you are on—face the fact that a tragedy is a tragedy. It can happen to anyone at any given point right now. We are all not safe and the best way to prepare is to be the better person and stand in solidarity. If there is anything you can do that will be helpful to those who are in need, than make a difference in this world to support–use your voice, donate blood, money, your time, and be the change that this world needs. We are in need of prayer, love, care, and undivided attention. Those who lost their lives through the tragedies that occurred in Paris, Kenya, Ferguson, Charleston, Japan, Baghdad, Beirut, Lebanon, Mexico, and Haiti lives mattered. All lives matter, including black lives. There’s no weighing in on which lives matters the most. Who are we to judge? Stop the madness. Stop the madness. Stop the senseless violence. Stop the hate. Where’s the love?

I have researched and gathered a few links below–of ways you can support and help out. If you are interesting in making a difference in this world, please take the time to check the following links out:

1.) Paris:

2.) Haiti:

3.) Mexico:

If you or anyone you know have other resources/links to support –please share and leave a comment! It doesn’t have to be just Paris, Haiti and Mexico. Your support can be from world hunger to the homeless, either way would make a difference. A little gesture goes a long way. Pray for the world to heal, use social media as a useful resource to connect and share current news around the world. Whatever it takes to make the world a better place, do just that. One world, one life…one peace. Be blessed!

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