Natural Hair Brunch Affair 2015: My Personal Thoughts

I am super late of sharing my personal experience at the “Natural Hair Brunch Affair 2015”  in Miami, but it’s better late than never right? Ok, with that being said–I had the BEST time there ever! This was actually my first time going to an event filled with beautiful women with different shades of color/ethnicity. I was so inspired by the black women, embracing their natural hair and beauty–it brought me into a complete awe moment. Even my sisters who attended the brunch affair, inspired me with their looks as well. The atmosphere was surrounded with positivity and laughter–everyone greeted each other respectfully, showing love and appreciation. There was peace among us sistuhs–no one was hating or giving their negative opinions, side-eyes, eyes rolling, face-giving-attitude, or bitter black women momentum. We all came together as one, supporting and empowering each other.

Finding Your True Beauty

During my time at the NHBA 2015 in Miami, I couldn’t help but noticed the powerful movement in the natural hair community. It was beautiful! The point that women from different states and cities, joined along together to talk about the importance and awareness of natural hair amazed me. Here we are in a world that shows common beauty in women–a modeled figure with long luscious hair covered in botox/surgeries, and a lighter complexion. What hypocrisy?  Young girls nowadays admire women like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian–wearing their hair in long extensions and even try to pressure themselves into wearing “waist-trainers” to get the perfect Barbie body. NHBA taught me that true beauty exemplifies being just YOU and appreciating you for who you are. It reassured me how beauty is in different form, size, width, length and height in every woman. Black is beautiful, you got it rock it!

Happy Hair Equals to a Happy Life.

One thing about me is that I could never be consistent with my hair or hairstyles, ask my boyfriend and he will tell you nothing but the truth. But you have to understand this: I LOVE being a black woman, and the advantage that we have to wear our hair in different styles and texture is what I appreciate most about my culture. But there comes a time in life where you have to at one point–GROW UP and with growing-up, comes responsibilities.  In other words, I didn’t have the leisure to do my hair and take care of it at the same time. Spending money at the salon every two weeks for my relaxed hair was an arm and a leg for me– which wasn’t cutting it either. I then realized, that wasn’t the way I wanted to go. Happy hair equals to a happy life–I wanted to take care my hair at an affordable price and still maintain the satisfaction of a healthy hair. Healthy hair means no chemical, no heat, and no glue! As much as I love my Nia Long shortcut, I have to say goodbye and hello to Big Chop #2. NBHA opened my eyes to remind me how much I missed my TWA and kiny curls! I can’t wait to try out protective hairstyles to embrace my natural look!

Love Your Natural Hair

I fell out of love with my natural hair, and after attending the NBHA 2015–I wanted to fall back in love, this time with more tender care. There’s a lot of history behind my roots and a lot have to do wit my well-being. As a black young woman, I am proud to be black and definetly not ashamed to show it. I will continue to support the natural hair and will encourage every black girls to go back to their roots. Although, I have a Love/Hate relationship with my hair (but don’t all girls do though?) it’s the most genuine love you could ever find. I will definitely be looking foward to attend the next Natural Hair Brunch Affair next year, and hopefully you will too!


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