We Beat the Street

51520Z3EVRL“We Beat the Street” by The Three Doctors, Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt with Sharon M. Draper– goes down as the first book I’ve read for 2016. It will also go down as one of the best books I’ve read thus far!  “We Beat the Street” is based on a true story of three young black men, born/raised in street-tough Newark, New Jersey. Chances were little for them to succeed but with faith, discipline, determination and each other, these brothas made a way out to become successful doctors towards the end. This is truly an inspirational story–I highly recommend this book to my little (well not so little now) brother and to all the young black men who are struggling to find the light in their future. This book will definitely give hope and solutions to a search for role models.

The main characters (Sam, George and Rameck) pointed out the peer-pressure and issues that our young black males are facing today–drugs, crime, gun violence, gang-banging, police brutality and hanging around with the wrong type of crowd.  They’ve been through it all and was able to overcome poverty among their community. They discussed the important factors of staying in school and getting a good education. The importance of going to college, a place where not many young minority middle/high school students would ever considered possible to enter. But it truly is possible and these inspiring doctors laid out the blueprint of entering medicine, not as aides and orderlies, but as DOCTORS. What captured me most about this novel is how each of the Drs. shared their own personal experiences growing up, encouraging others to not give up and being a mentor to the youth at their community. Together, they became a unit–they made a commitment to attend college and graduated together. To read a book about black men pursuing their dreams and giving back–it’s so rare to find nowadays. This book proves that there is still a chance to grow, no matter where you’re from. It’s also a reminder stating your past does not dictate your future. You are not your mistakes in life–the road may be rough but the road to success is still on your path to take. This novel is a MUST READ for all youth readers. we-beat-the-street-3-jpg

Every black community needs brothers like Sam, George and Smith reaching out for success–leaving nobody behind. We need more black male role models, doctors, lawyers, motivation speakers, pastors, positive artists, professors and mentors! If you are a young black man reading this, WE NEED YOU! It’s time for the black youth to grow up and see the bigger picture here. Nothing in life comes easy, it takes hard work and determination to strive for better. You just have to believe in yourself. A special thank you to my brother-in-law for leaving this book behind. “We Beat the Street” means a lot to me because I have brothers, male cousins and male classmates that can relate to their stories. Now that I’m an aunt and God-mother to my baby nephews, I’m even more motivated to keep them off the street and in school for a better future. If you haven’t read this novel, check it out at your local library and read it! You will not be disappointed! I look forward to hearing your feedbacks, please comment below!

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