Designing the Perfect Wedding Dress

I can hear the sounds of wedding bells slowly approaching! Ah, not for me but for my twin sister Dahana, which is an exciting moment for me too. It seemed like yesterday, Dahana and I was playing with our Barbie dolls, where did time go? I never pictured this moment to happen so soon, but it’s around the corner and I am beyond happy for my sister! I’m actually honored and truly blessed to play a major role in her wedding—I will be designing her wedding dress as well as being one of the event coordinator. But today, we’re going to focus on the wedding dress part. How exciting is that? This is seriously a dream come true for me because as a fashion designer, it was always my main passion to specialize in wedding dresses.  I’m also glad that she can trust me to bring her vision to life, being that it is going to be my first time designing a wedding dress in reality. To design my twin sister’s dress is going to be one of my special highlight as a designer. Ok, so now that we got the “Mushy-Lovey Dovey- One Day I Wanna Be and My Dreams Came True” speech out the way, it’s time to talk my language, “F A S H I O N”.

wedding-dress-for-black-women-5518d85d92d61First thing’s first: Dahana is a very classy woman, her styles pretty much sums up a look like Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, and Gemma Chan—all influential and inspiring styles. Ayesha Curry’s style is one of my inspirational look of simplifying that we as women can still be sexy while being covered up. The revealing wedding dress is not my sister’s choice, with that being said, I can automatically eliminate the sheer, skin-tight, strapless and some skin showable kind of materials.  There won’t be no Beyoncé “Single Ladies” theme going on (especially since she’s officially off the market).

The kind of dress that I’m trying to design would be more like a modern yet chic type of dress. For the top portion of the dress, I had an idea of creating either a swan-necked or top-stitched round collar. As for the mid portion of the dress—I’m thinking lace and custom embroidery patterns will emphasize the dress more delinquently. The bottom of the wedding dress will either be flowy or standard straight based, depending on how I feel will look better. You can never go wrong with vintage—it’s actually one of my specialty design, (plus, Dahana is a huge fan of vintage styles)  it won’t be hard for me to create a vintage wedding dress.  The ideal of the dress is to bring out the description of her characteristics and beauty. Every woman wants a wedding dress that describes who they are as a person. It’s more than just a dress, it’s a representation of a lifetime commitment and an embark of a new life with someone special. It have to be perfect on you and in his eyes. That’s where I come in, to make sure “that” moment will be perfect.

What is the perfect wedding dress?  Is there a such thing as the perfect love story? Can you actually find true love? What’s with all these questions? As long it’s not imitated and it’s unique, it shouldn’t matter if you have found the perfect dress or not. I’ve been to one wedding so far this year and I was in complete awe at the bride’s wedding dress. A very close friend of mine recently got married and I had the chance to witness a genuine love story unfold. The bride was beautiful regardless, but her dress emphasized the special moment. It was also the fact the the groom couldn’t take his eyes off of her appearance. It was simply beautiful. I know the key is to not only get married but to stay married, however every girl’s dream is to have that kind wedding (big or small) where they are surrounded with their TRUE  love ones and she gets to be the center of attention for that one day.

For some reason, I’m picturing a Cinderella story (Brandy’s classic version) wedding dress. A magical love story, dreams do come true.  Tonight I’m going to start my first draft of designing my twin’s wedding dress—unfortunately, in order for me to protect my work from unauthorized users, I will not be posting any of my final sketches online but I will show a sneak peek of my drafts. I’ve said this before, I love interacting with my followers and supporters. I’ll be sure to include you all in every steps of my journey to creating a perfect wedding dress for Dahana.

Thanks for reading and until next time!

Dhane Philord

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