Five Trending Styles for Fall 2016

Let’s talk business—yes, FASHION business! Now, I don’t know about y’all but um…I think the world is slowly but surely is bringing “Classy” back. That’s right, the ladies with style and grace is back on popular demand to put their crowns in place! From casual to formal—the fashion world has taken a step back to recognize style with a purpose. I’m talking about the “Black Matter” movement, memes-written meanings and THE “Ayesha Curry” styles instead of keeping up with the Kardashians. Women today are now making a bolder move by approaching a different style rather than the norms—of course we all know the most influential people to start a fashion trend are celebrities. Retaliating to my previous post, I mentioned how celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna and J.Lo were all well known to flaunt their amazing bodies with skin-tight dresses/skirts and sheared garments. They were an inspiration for young women around prom season, wearing custom-designs that were similar to their looks. Dresses and skirts that insinuates the women waist and hips are still popping but society is no longer a validation when it comes to women (mainly black women) going back to their roots.

Ok, with that being said—here’s my 5 styles that I believe are currently trending for Fall 2016:

African/Floral Embroidered Prints













African and floral prints will never get old, that’s why it’s such a refreshing sight to see younger women channeling their inner Queen styles for pre-wedding, prom and datenight. I remembered reading a post on Instagram about a beautiful New Jersey teen by the name of Kyemah McEntyre,wearing a stunning prom (African-print) dress that she herself designed. Because of her, many young African-American women were inspired to represent their African Descent style to prom as well. The floral prints gives an astonishing tea-party look, which you could never go wrong wearing at any occasion. The existing prints are more than just fashion, it’s a statement.

Oversized/Layered Tops












As much as we all love summer, we can’t help but love fall fashion and what better way to prepare for the season by sporting a big oversized sweater! There’s just something about a giant, oversized soft, sweater that brings a sense of warmth and comfort on a beautiful fall day. To top it off, you could match it with anything — a pair of boyfriend jeans, leggings or skirt. There’s more than one designs you can choose from — the Bill Cosy multi-colored style, the meme-words style and the pattern designed look. Ladies, I should definitely look forward to see this kind of look for this fall!

Suit Paired










Artist and musician Janelle Monae is a LITERALLY the next big thing in music industry. I couldn’t think of anybody that rocked suit pairs better (with ELEGANCE) than Janelle Monae. I applaud this beauty for standing out and giving women a platform to be creative and unique.  Aside from her music, Janelle graces the fashion scene with her signature tuxedo, rocking her chic natural hairdo and flawless makeup.  If you’re fashion risk-taker, Janelle Monae is the perfect source of inspiration to check out for this fall fashion!

Crop top/High waist bottoms











I could definitely vision crop tops and high-waist bottoms for this year’s fall fashion trend. Not only does it bring a slight edgy-look, but it also gives a sexy-meets-classy look as well. The perfect attire to attend events such as a fashion show,wedding, date night out with your beau or friends.

Modest Attire










Let’s face it, beige/nude is the new black and it’s most certainly the hottest colors for this year’s fall fashion. Keeping it modest and lady-like, this year it’s all about sophistication. Thanks to Ayesha Curry and Michelle Obama, women are now embracing the modern looks of today’s society. You can be covered up and still look appealing.

Now that I gave you my 5 styles for this year’s fall trend, what’s your top five? Please, feel free to comment below!

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