One Meal At A Time: Summer Dish –Shepherd’s Pie with String Beans

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It’s summer time! Happy Sunday everyone, I’m back with another one meal at a time for a better YOU! Now that I’m an official fanatic cooker, I couldn’t wait to line up the following meals and desserts to try out for this summer! The first dish I tried out came out very successful; the infamous shepherd’s pie—filled with loaded Sargento’s cheese and southern seasonings. I must admit, I had no intentions of baking it but when my older sister decided to brag on Saturday about making one and didn’t saved me a plate until the next day, I was furious. But why get mad, when you can get even and glad? Although, she was able to save me a plate this morning and not last night, I still felt like it was something that I wanted to make anyways. My beautiful cousin shepherd’s pie that she made for last year’s thanksgiving was simply “Uh-MAZING”.  This was something that I’ve been meaning to tackle down for the longest. It was my first attempt of baking a shepherd’s pie and I was pretty impressed with myself on the outcome. What made this dish so special was that I added a little mix of my healthier version. Instead of using ground beef, I used the “Gardein Beefless Burger” brand as a substitution. It was very easy and quick to make the dish, only took less than an hour to complete.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the process of making the shepherd’s pie. You can add your own side dish such as collard greens, green beans or string beans. Of course, I went with the string beans on the side because it’s my absolute favorite greens to eat on this earth. Overall, my family thought it was delicious and let’s just say this won’t be my last time making it. Below, you can check out the ingredients I used to master the infamous shepherd’s pie:


4 Yukon gold potatoes (This brand of potatoes are easier to smash without peeling the skin)

Publix Milk

Green peppers/Onions

One stick of butter

Sour Cream and French Onion Dip

Black/Red pepper


Gardein Beefless Burger

2 Lemons

Vegetable Oil


2 Pack of Mix Sargento’s Cheese

I am constantly tuned in to Food Network, it’s seriously my #1 channel (even though I stopped watching T.V, unless its Shondaland time…then it’s a different story). For the full details and recipe of Sheperd’s Pie, check out I didn’t imitate verbatim on the recipes and ingredients that was on the website, as I mentioned before— you can add your little twist to it. But I have to say; Food Network is now the certified website I go to for new meals and dishes. Let’s keep this healthy lifestyle going! If you have any questions or feedbacks of today’s dish, I would love to hear it. Thanks for stopping by today and until next time!

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