History in the Making

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly” – Langston Hughes

There are times when I feel like shutting myself down from the world and just hide in an inclusive private island, somewhere far…far away from here. Yes, I’m proud to be a Black Haitian–American but I’m not proud of some of my people out here. That goes for every Caribbean as well as Americans who are dark-skinned, light-skinned and brown-skinned. Gosh, why do we as black people have to be so hard on each other? Why? The media is already doing a great job degrading our kinds and social media doesn’t make it any better. Why do we always gotta bring each other down? Whatever happened to UNITY? Whatever happened to having each other’s back and supporting one another, no matter how tough the road gets? Why do we have to be a prime example of self-hate? For crying out loud, WHY? How many times are we going to continue bashing and tearing each other down? It was such a DISGRACE to log into my social media accounts and see all these negativities swirling around from Gabby Douglas hair to Jeffrey Julmis tumble at the start in the 110m Hurdles Semifinals. Are you all not aware of the actual point from all of this in RIO 2016? THEY’RE MAKING HISTORY—because of them and many more, WE’RE MAKING HISTORY!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it” -Lena Horne 

Bullying is a cruel, cruel thing to do. STOP the internet-bullying. If the rules and regulations had anything to do with hair at RIO 2016 then I can understand but Gabby’s hair had NOTHING to do with competing for a GOLD MEDAL. I repeat: “Gabby’s hair had NOTHING to do with competing for a GOLD MEDAL. This is not just a high school tournament where she’s competing for first place, she’s in the OLYMPICS competing for a GOLD MEDAL. Jeffrey Julmis, the FIRST (not the second, not the third but the FIRST), Haitian to qualify for the Semifinals for Haiti. That alone is huge, everything else afterwards regarding his tumble is irrelevant. To top it off, there was INTEGRITY in him to push his feelings aside and still continued to finish the race. You Twitter-Thugs are so quick to share videos that are SENSELESS to the brain but won’t even take the time to congratulate someone for having the COURAGE to risk his time, effort and literally everything for his country. C’mon, respect the man–give credit when credit is due. This is not just any race from high school or college—no, we’re talking about a race at the OLYMPICS.  How many of us can say that or at least put that in our resume? VERY FEW of us can and that’s why it’s so important to SUPPORT and not hate. I’m thankful for some bloggers out there that wouldn’t trade their dignity and respect over for some “likes”. Personally, I would like to thank Lunionsuite, the #1 Haitian-American Blog–They kept it professional and positive as well as supportive. I stand with them and with the rest of the people who choose to be the positive trend and not the negative.

“Give light, and people will find the way” -Ella Baker 

Let’s put it this way: We can’t reach to the top if we’re too busy being so judgmental and self-centered. This isn’t about you and this isn’t about me—this is about creating history and building a POSITIVE platform for every boys and girls of color. I never thought in a MILLION years we would have a black president in the White House but look at God, Barack Obama became the first black president back in 2008. Never would I have imagined an African-American woman (cause you know for some of us, swimming just ain’t our forte) to win a medal at an individual swimming event but look at God, Simone Manuel became the first African-American in Rio 2016. Not only am I impressed but also inspired and confident enough to say that there is definitely no limit as to what we can do on this earth! The bars are raising high and we’re no longer settling for less. Every time I see a woman or a man of color doing good on T.V, that gives me the chance of believing that it could possibly be me one day. When I see a brother fallen down on his knees and getting back up to finish what he started, that gives other young boys to look up to him and say “Because of him, I’m not giving up”. The three words “Not giving up” is so magical to say and hear. We can’t give up now—Imma need all of us to get it together and work this true BLACK MAGIC.

“Life is a journey, not a destination. There are no mistakes, just chances we’ve taken.” -India Arie 

I’ll never forget the day when I signed up for track back in middle school. My dream was to be the fastest runner like Wilma Rudolph, she was my greatest inspiration. It wasn’t until my first track meeting when I began to realize that maybe track wasn’t for me. But I still gave it a shot. I remember that day like it was yesterday, my  nerves was so bad and it was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. It was a 200 meter-relay and I was the first runner up. I don’t know what gotten into me but when the referee blew that whistle all I seen was the runners running past me with flying colors. I wanted to quit right then and there, but I kept on going. As I continued running, I could hear the crowds growing dead silent. My heart sunked. My team-mate was yelling at me to hurry up and pass the baton. If I wanted to, I could have easily stopped to walk across the field and simply give up…but I kept on going.  Towards the end of the race, instead of hearing laughter and “boos”, I received applause and compliments. I was confused at first because we didn’t win and it was all my fault. But I missed the bigger picture: My coach and team was so proud of me because I didn’t gave up. It’s not always about winning. The biggest failure beats the outcome of never trying in the first place. Yes, you may feel disappointed if you failed, but it will kill you even more if you didn’t try.

Failure gives us the opportunity to be wiser and stronger, there is no mistakes to failing in life. It’s always a lesson learned and I’m forever grateful to have experienced something that I gained memories and chances from. I now know that track and field is not one of my hobbies, and because of that–I became more encouraged to try out other new things of my interest. I tried fashion, and here I am designing a wedding dress for my twin sister. I tried blogging; next year in April is going to make it my 3rd year anniversary of being a personal blogger. Last but not least, I tried cooking–and I’m cooking one of the most famous dishes (thanks to FoodNetwork and Food Bloggers), sharing them with you on my social media. History is in the making for ALL OF US. You’ll never know if you don’t try and you will never succeed by dimming other people’s light. Our goal is to continue paving the way for others that paved our ways in the past, regardless of the tough circumstances. Together, we can get to it and GO THROUGH IT. Victory is within ALL OF US.


  1. I’m extremely proud of you you Dhane. You’re doing an incredible job my dear. Love reading your blogs, they’re very inspiring to young generations. Love you my dear.

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