Three Black Political Women You Should Know About

I’m going to first start this post off by stating how lit 2017 has been for us as black women.  If you don’t recall, let me refresh your memory:  We have a black woman name Keisha as the 60th Mayor of Atlanta, GA—joined by Vi Lyles who was just elected the first African American female mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina— along with Latoya Cantrell who also was elected the first African American female mayor of New Orleans. And did I forget to mention all three women were Democratic candidates? Here’s another one: On December 12th, 2017, Doug Jones claimed victory in the Alabama Senate race with the tremendous support of black women, 98 percent of whom voted for Democratic candidate. Basically, black women saved America from bringing a pedophilia in the office. That’s that #BlackGirlMagic for you all. Which leads me to the main reason why I wrote this post.

I have to be honest with you guys—I was never into politics. As a matter of fact, the only reason why I was a little involved was to get our first black president into the White House (I miss you Barack Obama!). But as much as I disliked everything about political news, I couldn’t help but to be vigilant on what was going on in the world. Ever since Donald Trump became president, I knew I had to be more involved and stay woke. I gave in to watching CNN news and that’s when I found my political women Sheros: Angela Rye, Symone Sanders and Maxine Walters.

Who is Angela Rye? She is every girl’s best friend that we need on our corner! Best known as a political commentator on CNN—Angela Rye holds nothing back when it comes to speaking her mind and getting out the truth regarding ‘Black Lives Matter’, social injustices and women rights. Angela is the voice for the black culture—you can catch her on Instagram or on Twitter putting people who are out of line in their places (Omarosa). I love how outspoken and most importantly how real she keeps it on and off from T.V—she’s always about her business. Speaking about her business, it was about time she had her own podcast. “On One with Angela Rye” became one of my favorite podcast to listen to in 2017. It’s so informative and the way she tackles today’s issues is simply impressive. I also love the fact that she used to date the most woke rapper in the music industry, Common. (I was seriously rooting for them!) That’s Angela Rye, if you don’t know what she’s all about, then now is the time to get to know her!

It is so delightful to see a woman of color stand up and take full control in the political world where mostly white males are centered. That is where Symone Sanders rolls in the picture— during the 2016 Presidential campaign race, Sanders served as Bernie Sanders national secretary setting record as the youngest presidential press secretary and earned recognition on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of 16 young Americans shaping the 2016 election. After voluntarily leaving the campaign, she became a political commentator on CNN. Just like Angela Rye, I discovered Symone while watching CNN news. But it wasn’t until my twin sister, Dahana brought her to my upmost attention and told me to check her page out on Instagram. I proceeded to do so – started watching highlighted clips of her interviews and instantly became a fan. 

It’s not every day you see a professional young black woman interrupting news reporter/anchorman in favors of demanding for respect. As quoted, “Black women will always be too loud for a world that never intended on listening to them”. She’s very outspoken and her resume can speak for itself if you do your research. Symone have used her platform all over the world to speak out on topics such as challenging political views and social problems. Sanders inspired me to speak up for myself and to travel all over the world to leave a little bit of #blackgirlsmagic. If you don’t know what she’s all about, you can definitely catch her on CNN giving #blackexcellence or  check her out on Twitter and Instagram @SymoneSanders. Tell her I sent you!

Last but not least, everybody has been reclaiming their time ever since Congresswoman Maxine Walters A.K.A Auntie Maxine made it well known to do so in 2017. Honey, in the words of Mrs. Walters, “We’ve got work to do!” There is no time to waste or be in a room filled with doubters and haters, Auntie Maxine will be the first to shut the ignorance all the way down. She is the Queen of shade and I think it’s safe to say that nobody messes with her or else be messed with!

I love everything about her from her blunt criticisms to her humbling ways—Auntie Maxine can do absolute no wrong in my eyes. She currently serves as the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district and has marked her place as being the longest-serving black woman in the White House. In other words, she is a powerful icon who has truly inspired me to be fearless. Auntie Maxine speaks the truth with wisdom and could care less about 45th. Intimidated by who? Have you heard her speak? Please, watch below a clip of her response that will snatch wigs and edges off oh so effortlessly…

Need I say more? You better get your life together and keep up with Auntie Maxine!

In conclusion, we as black women are powerful and unstoppable. 2018 is our year and we’re going to continue to shine even if it means we have to save America…yet again.


Until next time!

  1. Thanks for this post. I love it. I have heard of Mrs. Sanders but didn’t know to much about her. I lovvvvveeee Angela Rye and her Podcast. She is such an inspiration. Also, what would we do without Maxine Waters. I look up to them both and this is a great post about them for your readers. I appreciate it. -Anna Inspires

  2. Nice post! I’ve been watching CNN lately and I have been appreciating how Symone and Angela always speak their minds and also being outspoken. Although I don’t agree with all of Angela’s views, I’ve always admired how she always represent the minorities in the panel. Maxine Walters is the real MVP. Everyone should listen to her viewpoints. She brought out things I wasn’t even aware of. She ain’t scared of nobody. Thanks for letting the world know about these three African American Women Politicians. #keep blogging. I didn’t know Maxine was your Aunti!?

    1. Lol! Yes, I’m claiming her as my auntie! Thank you so much for the feedback Margelin, I really appreciate it!

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