Every Men’s Restroom Should Require Baby Changing Stations

Vic (Chris Rock, left) and Alex (Rodrigo Santoro, right) in WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING.

OK, so let’s just get straight to the point: Why is there not a law stating that all men’s restrooms should require baby changing stations?

My husband and I travel a lot with our daughter Melissa. We take our share baby-rearing responsibilities as new parents consequential and demand careful consideration in our decision-making. Now you know with traveling comes a million pit-stops to the restroom. Melissa is at the stage of eating solid food but yet still drinking her milk, so she poops more often—two or three times a day, plus she wets her diapers like crazy  and it’s very much so typically normal for a baby. Being that I’m so immune to changing her diapers at church, restaurants and other public places, I honestly didn’t notice the lack of baby changing stations in the men’s restrooms until my husband brought up the issue. Majority of men’s public bathrooms do not have a baby changing stations which is a very critical parental component.

Society, we have a problem in need of an attention (HIGH PRORITY). There has to be a solution to this problem. Please don’t get it twisted: I don’t mind changing my daughter’s diapers and quite frankly my husband don’t either but he would rather help out in most cases like when we’re out and about. Fathers are just as important of a parent as mothers too, do you agree? Inevitably, we as parents always have to prepare for the unexpected (vomiting, pooping, food/drink spill on clothes). Changing a baby’s diapers plays a huge vital part of our lives which is also unavoidable. Also, it gives a sudden instinct of a bond opportunity shared between a baby and their parent. In order to obviate the encounters of only having baby changing stations in women’s restrooms, we need to propose an improvement by positioning one in every men’s public restrooms as well.

I am all about safety and sanitary, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my child—I can be vigilant. With that being said, implementing a baby changing station in the men’s station is one thing but we also need to be very mindful regarding the location of the changing table. The changing table attached to the wall cannot be exposed in a cluttered space between a row of un-sanitized urinals and filthy sinks (because let’s just face it, we live in a world filled with people who chooses to be dirty in their own way). It is also highly inappropriate for a baby to be exposed while their diapers is being changed around grown men urinating (Again, we live in a world filled with perverts and pedophiles). The baby changing table should be in a PRIVATE area within the men’s restrooms. Don’t have a space for one? Create one. According to www.mmn.com : “Urinals are relatively cheap; the cost of a single high-tech public washroom (about $300,000) could pay for a plethora of pissoirs”. If you ask me, it’s not immensely expensive to create a private section for the baby changing station.

The proposal to place a baby changing table in a men’s public restroom is needed not in luxury places but in every facilities. There are super-dads like my husband somewhere out there crying for this change, urging to bring awareness to this serious matter. We as parents would appreciate the gesture of providing the upmost opulence accommodations for our babies. Let’s start by putting some respect for the dads by making a change for the better. Does the lack of baby changing table in a public restroom for men affect you or your significant other?

I want to hear from you, leave a comment below and let’s talk about it. Until next time…

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