My Summer Fashion: The Original Bad and Boujee Inspired Look

“Let me hear you say oohhhhh ahhhhh, summertime in The LBC”….No, not really. Summertime in Florida but I love that song! OK, so let’s get into my style inspiration. I decided to dedicate my look to the original Bad and Boujee girls; Hillary Banks from, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and Whitley Gilbert from “A Different World”. Two words that describes their style: Classy and sophisticated. As a curator of fine arts, I have always been obsessed with the early 90’s fashion.  Hillary Banks and Whitley Gilbert set a blueprint for every black girls with their styles of polished elegance and prestige. Would you agree?

I’m not a huge fan of short pants, but the high-waist belted shorts is a MUST HAVE for this summer.  It compliments perfectly with my floral collar top and white tennis shoes. The mini brown book bag is super cute when you want to be casual instead of wearing a purse. The sun is out of control and semi-disrespectful, it would make sense to rock some fashionable shade which tops off my look altogether. You don’t have to be rich to achieve this style, I was able to spend less than $100.00! Check out the details below and let me know what you think, is this something you would rock for the summer?

Top: Kohl’s Price – $9.99

Pants: Forever 21 Price – $19.99

Shoes: Target Price – $14.99

Book bag: Ross Price -$9.99

Shades: Forever 21 Price – $4.99

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