A Queen Needs a King

When you are in a “serious’ relationship, it takes time and patience to build a solid foundation. A solid foundation is when two people come together and unite as one. You are no longer living for yourself–it’s you and your significant other against the world. I’m his Queen and he is my King. You have to be emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually ready to trade in your single card for the couples card. Now, there was a reason why I emphasized on the word “serious”. Some people believe that you have to be a certain age in order to be in a stable relationship. Take it from me, that is not true. Age does not define the meaning of love–true love have its own meaning that one can express beyond words.

Theologically, a heart can determine the dept of being in a “serious” relationship. The uncontrollable laugh, butterflies in your stomach, constant smiles, day/night images of that person stuck on your mind. Your heart can feel it. He is the one. During the bad times–there is a lot of pressure, mistakes, doubts, hurt, fear, hearts may be broken along the way and it can get really ugly. However, your heart can feel it. Your mind may suggest to give up–proof with millions of reasons to let it go, however, your heart always have that one special reason to just give it one more try. It can feel it. That’s when you know for sure that you are in a “serious” relationship and of course the feelings have to be mutual between one another.

One important thing you must know before engaging in a committing relationship, is that you must first love yourself. If nobody told you by now, let me inform you–self-love is the best love of all after God’s love. Loving yourself brings you the ultimate happiness in life. Majority of young women suffer from not showing enough love for themselves and it’s a serious issue. Some of them automatically assume that all they need is to find a man who will help fill that emptiness inside of them. “I’m not pretty enough, I can never look like that girl on the magazine or on the big screens”. If you feed your mind into believing your negative responses,how can you allow a man to love you? That’s not the solution. The solution is you. You are a Queen. You have to appreciate you, care for you and always be there for you. Don’t ever forget about you, even during your downfalls,your biggest Shero and Love should be you. Queens do not settle for less and always out herself first before anybody. Queens always keeps their head high and walks with confidence. A king recognizes a Queen just by the way she carry herself with the utmost respect. Once you’ve found true love within yourself, it will become easier to attract your King, because you know your worth.

Ladies, your King should be worth the wait. You have dealt with the backstabbers, liars, cheaters and ungrateful frogs–but you can’t prepare years of molding the person you are today to end up with another frog. This time around, actions speaks louder than words. Don’t settle for less even if less is the only thing available at the moment. Remember, it takes time and patience to be in a “serious” not just any relationship. You are a Queen. When you look at his eyes, you should feel alive and secure. His words should be sacred and meaningful when he speaks to you. Words from his mouth should not hurt you and if so, your King should be man enough to apologize. Each day should be a blessing when you are in each other’s presence. His heart should skip a beat when you say his name. He should be your strength when you are weak, your smile to your frown, your shoulder to lean on, your answers to your questions, your ups when you are down and your best friend when you are in need for a friend. At your best and especially at your worse, to your King–you are still love.

You could be in a relationship now and may wonder if you’re with a King or not. There is a King in every man. Noticed how I stated man and not a boy. If your boyfriend is playing games with you and constantly lies to your face, he is a boy and still needs some growing up to do–he is not a King. However, if your man have played games in the past but is willing to change for the better and progresses through his lying ways,then don’t walk away from your King. Patience is the key. 

There’s no secret to being in a serious relationship. A Queen needs a King. All it takes is two hearts to admit their feelings for one another–just to try this thing call love out. You can listen to all the advises from your friends to your mother’s advice and even mine, you still won’t figure out the fundamental of building a structured relationship. That’s only because there is no perfect bricks to build one. You have to create one. Create the memories, joy, laughter, sorrows, happiness, sadness, love, passion, emotions, trust, hope, faith, integrity, and power with each other. No, the process is not easy but once you get the hang of building these bricks one by one–it will sure be worth it. Men be a king to your woman and ladies be a Queen to your man. Treat each other like the Kings and Queens you are.

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