Dhane Philord is the founder and CEO of Real Pointers. Founded in 2014, she created Real Pointers as a platform for women to build, connect, grow and empower together. As Real Pointers continues to grow, Dhane uses her platform to share her words of wisdom and reality through relationships, political, inspirational and fashion topics. With fashion being one of her true passion—she strives to shine light on modest clothing for women, setting an example that the key to dress for success is to simply be authentic with yourself.

Dhane has a background in finance and business law administration. She utilize her time by reading books, sketching, and spending quality time with her family. Real Pointers is continuing to grow—Dhane is currently working on a podcast, fashion show, events and more.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dhane Philord is a proud mother/ wife and a firm believer of God. She is always on a mission to inspire women and hope to one day travel around the world to share her passion. Her favorite motto that she lives by is a quote from Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high”. Dhane goals for Real Pointers blog is to touch the hearts of young and older women who yearns to find their true purpose in life. She is determined to create a path for every women who have a dream to not give up on it but to continue to soar until it becomes a reality.